The Extraordinary Within All Of Us

 Contributor: Deb Svanefelt

“I LOVE this!! A way to understand, through our capacity to persevere with the challenges we each face, that brings us into contact with the extraordinary that lies within the apparently ordinary in each of us…



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We are all so much more than we think we are… Who have you known, either personally or in our collective human family, who has shown you this? One on my list – an incredibly inspiring young child named Kealin, who’s lived through a massive upheaval/storm… and is a powerful force for good in the world (only 10 years old, and already met individually with the prime minister of her country to demand change for an oppressed group)… How about you? Do you see the heroic, the mythic in you, in your life? In others’ lives around you?”


Deb Svanefelt

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